Online and Social Media Marketing

These days, almost every business owner wants to have a presence on social media. Few have the time or staffing bandwidth to use social media consistently and effectively. And that’s where we come in.

In response to our clients’ needs, WriteAway began offering social media marketing services in 2009. Since then, the only thing that has stayed the same about social media is that is constantly changing!

Our team makes it our business to dedicate time each week to reading, researching and trying new things in the Social Media Universe. That commitment to self-education allows us to help our clients engage their customers in the most effective ways.

WriteAway offers a full-service social media package, beginning with translating your story into compelling blog posts or e-letter articles, then posting and engaging your customers on targeted social media channels, developing online advertising campaigns, and optimizing your content for search engines—all carefully integrated with your strategic communications plan.