Content Marketing

About the time the Internet became a part of almost everyone’s life, and the social media universe exploded with a Big Bang, marketing and advertising changed dramatically. For many years companies talked to their customers via advertisements or commercials. It was a one-way conversation—customers had no really good way to talk back.

Today the advertising paradigm has been turned on its ear. Most of us are bombarded with messages 24-7. Few of us have the time or patience to watch a commercial or read an ad—we either turn them off, or tune them out.

But one thing has not changed—all of us still love a story, or a juicy piece of news we can use.

That’s where Content Marketing comes in. If you can tell a compelling story that entertains your customer or makes him feel great, if you can offer expert information that helps someone solve a problem, those people will tune in. You might tell your story with words, or photos, or film—all are content. You don’t ask them to buy your product or hire you. But your great content catches his attention, makes her want to know more. You are sharing something of value and you’re not asking for anything in return.

Then via social media or your Website you invite that person to tell you what he thinks about your story, what she needs to do her job better. Now you have a conversation. That person feels great to know you value his or her opinion. He’s impressed with your expertise. Maybe she’ll look up your Website when she is ready to buy.

Although Content Marketing evolved with, and largely because of, the Internet, it is a model that lends itself to traditional media campaigns and print publications as well. Increasingly Content Marketing is an essential part of marketing and communications strategy. Let us put our Content Marketing expertise to work for you!

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