TV United Nation at JFK’s Death

Bonnie OsbornBlog, Writing

I understand somewhat where the Sacramento Bee’s Marcus Breton is coming from when he writes he hopes that with this 50th anniversary commemoration of President John F. Kennedy’s death we can all finally move on. My spouse was not yet born when it happened, and she tires a bit of all the fuss, too. It’s human nature to make icons … Read More

Batkid Reminds Us of the Value of A Good Story

Bonnie OsbornBlog, Writing

I’m a news junkie myself, an inveterate reader of the morning newspaper (hard copy no less), who brushes her teeth and loads the dishwasher with the Today Show or CNN in the background, who commutes with the car radio tuned to NPR or KFBK, who is never more than steps away from her iPhone, desktop PC, laptop , Kindle reader… … Read More

Batkid Rocks!

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Batkid sure became an international superstar today, as did the City of San Francisco, its political and business leaders la vente du viagra. So many people on social media reported that this “good news” story managed to penetrate their cynical crusts and, for a little while at least, changed their outlooks on life for the better. Most of us, I … Read More