Batkid Reminds Us of the Value of A Good Story

Bonnie OsbornBlog, Writing

I’m a news junkie myself, an inveterate reader of the morning newspaper (hard copy no less), who brushes her teeth and loads the dishwasher with the Today Show or CNN in the background, who commutes with the car radio tuned to NPR or KFBK, who is never more than steps away from her iPhone, desktop PC, laptop , Kindle reader… Still, much as I love information and thrive on it, I receive 40 marketing e-mails a day that I faithfully save with best of intentions and never get around to opening; I stack magazines and newspapers beside my chair until the pile threatens the safety of our small dogs; I fill the DVR queue with CNN and Discovery Channel specials that never get watched.

The point of all this is, the way we communicate and receive information has changed so dramatically in such a short time, and it’s wonderful and terrible and thrilling. I feel so lucky to be working in communications at this point in time. It’s fasten your seatbelt and hang on, and don’t stop thinking and listening and learning for a minute, or you will be left in the dust.

But as Batkid reminded us yesterday, regardless of the format or medium, all of us still love a good story. We at WriteAway are story-tellers, and we hope you will tell us yours!

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