Batkid Rocks!

Bonnie OsbornBlog, In the News, Writing

Batkid sure became an international superstar today, as did the City of San Francisco, its political and business leaders la vente du viagra. So many people on social media reported that this “good news” story managed to penetrate their cynical crusts and, for a little while at least, changed their outlooks on life for the better. Most of us, I guess, are hungry for a happy story, anything to make us smile or say “Awww,” at a time when so many of the stories we hear are sad or discouraging or frustrating. No doubt that same hunger is behind the proliferation of puppy, kitten and baby images on social media.

The constant flow of information, the ease of accessing it, and the sheer amount of it has made cynics of most of us, and hardened our hides, so that it takes an awful lot to break through and catch our attention. Whether you believe the proliferation of information is a blessing or a curse, it is a fact, and it will only increase, save for those few, rare souls who are able to and want to simply unplug, remaining blissfully unaware.

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